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BOGO 50% off Terms & Conditions

Promo running from May 4th- May 9th only, orders placed before or after these dates are not eligible.

The lesser value item will be 50% off

If needing to return both items, you will receive a store credit for the amount spent

If needing to return the full priced item, the discount will be adjusted to 25%

For example:

Purchase one item at $69.95 & a BOGO item $44.95 (purchase for $22.47). If needing to return the full priced item, the BOGO item will be  adjusted to a 25% discount at $33.71, meaning your store credit for the full priced item returned would be $58.71

Purchase one item at $69.95, BOGO item $44.95 (receive for $22.47). If needing to return the BOGO item, you would receive a store credit of $22.47.